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Organic approaches to agriculture include excellent solutions for stewarding biodiversity and enhancing quality of life.

PANORAMA "“ Solutions for a Healthy Planet is a growing interactive platform where innovators and leading practitioners can share their solutions and stories. The platform is a partnership between IFOAM "“ Organics International, IUCN, GIZ, UNEP, Rare, Grid Arendal, and supported by BMZ and the Green Climate Fund.

It is a way to gain recognition, increase positive impact, make connections, and enable others to make improvements by adopting and adapting solutions in their own contexts.

Just some of the solutions featured on the site include using the System of Rice Intensification to grow safe, affordable rice in the Philippines, creating a sustainable supply chain of organic honey in Ethiopia, and community engagement in sustainable fisheries in Lebanon. 

Get Involved

It is easy to contribute a solution to the platform, and get global exposure for your solutions. You can visit https://panorama.solutions to see the many solutions from around the world already published. Then simply click on the 'Contribute Solutions' link to add your own.

Interested in becoming an approved expert reviewer to evaluate others' solutions? Contact David Gould, Senior Facilitator at IFOAM - Organics International, at d.gould [at] ifoam.bio.

Fecha Publicación: 22/08/2018

Fuente: IFOAM - Organics International


[16/07/2018] - Comienza el proyecto europeo WASTE4GREEN, en el que están involucradas 8 entidades de España, Portugal e Italia, entre las que se encuentra CTAEX

[18/06/2018] - CTAEX recibe el premio La Besana por su labor investigadora dirigida al sector agroalimentario extremeño

[07/06/2018] - CTAEX participa en el 13 Congreso Mundial del Tomate mostrando el camino de la innovación del campo a la mesa

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