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22/01/2018 Effect of precooking on antinutritional factors and mineral bioaccessibility in kiwicha grains
22/01/2018 Identification of proteins contained in aqueous extracts of wheat bran through a proteomic approach
22/01/2018 Quantification of sterols and fatty acids of extra virgin olive oils by FT-NIR spectroscopy and multivariate statistical analyses
22/01/2018 Using gene expression programming in monthly reference evapotranspiration modeling: A case study in Egypt
22/01/2018 Theoretical analysis of the effects of irrigation rate and paddy water depth on water and leaf temperatures in a paddy field continuously irrigated with running water
22/01/2018 Comparison of the water budget for the typical cropland and pear orchard ecosystems in the North China Plain
22/01/2018 Effects of lateral spacing for drip irrigation and mulching on the distributions of soil water and nitrate, maize yield, and water use efficiency
21/01/2018 Quality assessment and discrimination of intact white and red grapes from Vitis vinifera L. at five ripening stages by visible and near-infrared spectroscopy
21/01/2018 Relatively high acidity is an important breeding objective for fresh juice-specific apple cultivars
21/01/2018 Intra- and inter-specific variation of the maximum size-density relationship along an aridity gradient in Iberian pinewoods
21/01/2018 Impacts of shelterwood logging on forest bryoflora: Distinct assemblages with richness comparable to mature forests
21/01/2018 Novel climates: Trajectories of climate change beyond the boundaries of British Columbia's forest management knowledge system
21/01/2018 Carbon, water and energy exchange dynamics of a young pine plantation forest during the initial fourteen years of growth
21/01/2018 Environmental uniformity, site quality and tree competition interact to determine stand productivity of clonal Eucalyptus
21/01/2018 Can the production of wild forest foods be sustained in timber concessions? Logging and the availability of edible caterpillars hosted by sapelli (Entandrophragma cylindricum) and tali (Erythrophleum suaveolens) trees in the Democratic Republic of Congo
21/01/2018 Variable density thinning promotes variable structural responses 14?years after treatment in the Pacific Northwest
21/01/2018 Shelter from the storm: Restored populations of the neotropical tree Myroxylon peruiferum are as genetically diverse as those from conserved remnants
21/01/2018 Selective logging effects on ?brown world' faecal-detritus pathway in tropical forests: A case study from Amazonia using dung beetles
21/01/2018 Phenolic compounds, antioxidant capacity and physicochemical properties of Brazilian Apis mellifera honeys
21/01/2018 FucoPol and chitosan bilayer films for walnut kernels and oil preservation
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