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Fecha Título
19/06/2018 Estimating the water budget components of irrigated crops: Combining the FAO-56 dual crop coefficient with surface temperature and vegetation index data
17/06/2018 Time consolidation of skim milk powder near the glass transition temperature
17/06/2018 Physical and microbiological properties of yoghurt powder produced by refractance window drying
17/06/2018 The effect of heat treatments and homogenisation of cow' milk on gastrointestinal symptoms, inflammation markers and postprandial lipid metabolism
17/06/2018 Impact of Lactobacillus plantarum ST-III on the composition of infant gut microbiota and its potential synergism with breast milk and infant formula as revealed by an in vitro study
17/06/2018 The effect of direct and indirect heat treatment on the attributes of whey protein beverages
17/06/2018 The effect of starters with a functional arginine deiminase pathway on cheese ripening and quality
17/06/2018 Vernonia cinerea leaves as the source of phenolic compounds, antioxidants, and anti-diabetic activity using microwave-assisted extraction technique
17/06/2018 Enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) do not increase nitrogen retention in Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir forest soils four weeks post-fertilization
17/06/2018 Detecting global trends of cereal yield stability by adjusting the coefficient of variation
17/06/2018 Elevated CO2 cannot compensate for japonica grain yield losses under increasing air temperature because of the decrease in spikelet density
17/06/2018 Exploring farmers' intentions to adopt mobile Short Message Service (SMS) for citizen science in agriculture
17/06/2018 Acoustic tomography based on hybrid wave propagation model for tree decay detection
17/06/2018 On air temperature distribution and ISO 7726-defined heterogeneity inside a typical greenhouse in Almería
17/06/2018 Machine learning algorithms to predict core, skin, and hair-coat temperatures of piglets
17/06/2018 Scoping of promising land management and water use practices in the dry areas of Uzbekistan
17/06/2018 Estimating net irrigation requirement of winter wheat using model- and satellite-based single and basal crop coefficients
17/06/2018 The effects of urine and urine-separated plant nutrient sources on growth and dry matter production of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne. L)
17/06/2018 Physiological improvements of young olive tree (Olea europaea L. cv. Chetoui) under short term irrigation with treated wastewater
17/06/2018 Effects of soil and water conservation techniques on crop yield, runoff and soil loss in Sub-Saharan Africa: A review
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