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Fecha Título
13/12/2017 Effect of prolonged exposure to thyroxine on growth, puberty timing and ovarian structure in female red tilapia (Oreochromis sp.)
13/12/2017 The role of laserpuncture exposure on gonad maturation mechanism of catfish (Clarias sp.) through Ca2+, PKC and GABA neurotransmitter
13/12/2017 Is sodium diformate a beneficial feed supplement for European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)? Effect on growth performance and health status
13/12/2017 Sedimentation in UHT milk
13/12/2017 Indirect detection of lipase in UHT milk by measuring methyl ester formation
13/12/2017 Fundamental characterisation of caseins harvested by dissolved air flotation from dairy wastewater and comparison with skim milk powder
13/12/2017 Microparticulated whey protein addition modulates rheological and microstructural properties of high-protein acid milk gels
13/12/2017 Effect of sonication on the viscosity of reconstituted skim milk powder and milk protein concentrate as influenced by solids concentration, temperature and sonication
13/12/2017 The influence of milk protein genetic polymorphism on the physical properties of cultured milk
13/12/2017 Characterization of leaf cuticular wax classes and constituents in a spring Camelina sativa diversity panel
13/12/2017 Analysis of phytochemical and morphological variability in different wild-and agro-ecotypic populations of Melissa officinalis L. growing in northern habitats of Iran
13/12/2017 Synergies among climate change and biodiversity conservation measures and policies in the forest sector: A case study of Southeast Asian countries
13/12/2017 A Land Use and Resource Allocation (LURA) modeling system for projecting localized forest CO2 effects of alternative macroeconomic futures
13/12/2017 Linking the past to the future: A reality check on cross-border timber trade from Myanmar (Burma) to China
13/12/2017 Changes in potential wildland fire suppression costs due to restoration treatments in Northern Arizona Ponderosa pine forests
13/12/2017 Understanding motivations for violation of timber harvesting regulation: The case of chainsaw operators in Ghana
13/12/2017 Livelihood strategies, ethnicity and rural income: The case of migrant settlers and indigenous populations in the Ecuadorian Amazon
13/12/2017 Social network analysis as a tool for the analysis of international trade of wood and non-wood forest products
13/12/2017 Using a choice experiment approach to assess production tradeoffs for developing the croton value chain in Kenya
13/12/2017 Local community's preferences for accepting a forestry partnership contract to grow pulpwood in Indonesia: A choice experiment study
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