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Fecha Título
19/02/2018 Functional and gel properties of whey protein nanofibrils as influenced by partial substitution with cellulose nanocrystal and alginate
19/02/2018 Biological activities and peptidomic profile of in vitro-digested cow, camel, goat and sheep milk
19/02/2018 The impact of a short-term carbon payment scheme on forest management
19/02/2018 The uneven response to global environmental governance: Russia's contentious politics of forest certification
19/02/2018 Is forest related decision-making in European treeline areas socially innovative? A Q-methodology enquiry into the perspectives of international experts
19/02/2018 How can prescribed burning and harvesting restore shortleaf pine-oak woodland at the landscape scale in central United States? Modeling joint effects of harvest and fire regimes
19/02/2018 Past growth suppressions as proxies of fire incidence in relict Mediterranean black pine forests
19/02/2018 Interactions between large high-severity fires and salvage logging on a short return interval reduce the regrowth of fire-prone serotinous forests
19/02/2018 Xylem anatomical responses of diffuse porous Chukrasia tabularis to climate in a South Asian moist tropical forest
19/02/2018 Anthropogenic linear gaps in managed forests ? Plant traits are associated with the structure and function of a gap
19/02/2018 Trophic cascades at multiple spatial scales shape recovery of young aspen in Yellowstone
19/02/2018 Autecology and growth of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.): A comprehensive study in France
19/02/2018 Floating neighborhoods reveal contribution of individual trees to high sub-stand scale heterogeneity
19/02/2018 Decomposition of trembling aspen leaf litter under long-term nitrogen and sulfur deposition: Effects of litter chemistry and forest floor microbial properties
19/02/2018 Genetic diversity of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) seed orchard crops: Effects of number of parents, seed year, and pollen contamination
19/02/2018 Environmental influences on growth and reproductive maturation of a keystone forest tree: Implications for obligate seeder susceptibility to frequent fire
19/02/2018 From young to adult trees: How spatial patterns of plants with different life strategies change during age development in an old-growth Korean pine-broadleaved forest
19/02/2018 Assessing an integrated biological and chemical control strategy for managing hemlock woolly adelgid in southern Appalachian forests
19/02/2018 Spatial analysis to identify invasion colonization strategies and management priorities in riparian ecosystems
19/02/2018 Southwestern white pine (Pinus strobiformis) species distribution models project a large range shift and contraction due to regional climatic changes
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