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Fecha Título
20/02/2018 Coastal low cloudiness and fog enhance crop water use efficiency in a California agricultural system
19/02/2018 Effect of intermittent corona discharge plasma treatment for improving microbial quality and shelf life of kumquat (Citrus japonica) fruits
19/02/2018 The effect of olive fruit maturation in Spanish style fermentation with a controlled temperature
19/02/2018 Drought stress in sunflower: Physiological effects and its management through breeding and agronomic alternatives
19/02/2018 Best management irrigation practices assessed by a GIS-based decision tool for reducing salinization risks in olive orchards
19/02/2018 Simulating weather effects on potato yield, nitrate leaching, and profit margin in the US Pacific Northwest
18/02/2018 Fruit for sport
18/02/2018 Effects of nitrogen fertilizer and planting density on the leaf photosynthetic characteristics, agronomic traits and grain yield in common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum M.)
18/02/2018 Characterization of high-yielding rice cultivars with different grain-filling properties to clarify limiting factors for improving grain yield
18/02/2018 Long-term evaluation of tillage methods in fallow season for soil water storage, wheat yield and water use efficiency in semiarid southeast of the Loess Plateau
18/02/2018 Changes in soil characteristics and maize yield under straw returning system in dryland farming
18/02/2018 Do crop sensors promote improved nitrogen management in grain crops?
18/02/2018 The role of phosphorus supply in maximizing the leaf area, photosynthetic rate, coordinated to grain yield of summer maize
18/02/2018 Impacts of tillage and herbicide mixture on weed interference, agronomic productivity and profitability of a maize ? Wheat system in the North-western Indo-Gangetic Plains
18/02/2018 Sulphur application increases seed yield and oil content in sesame seeds under rainfed conditions
18/02/2018 Urea deep placement in combination with Azolla for reducing nitrogen loss and improving fertilizer nitrogen recovery in rice field
18/02/2018 Comparative fertilization effects on maize productivity under conservation and conventional tillage on sandy soils in a smallholder cropping system in Zimbabwe
18/02/2018 Different characteristics of nutrient absorption and utilization between inbred japonica super rice and inter-sub-specific hybrid super rice
18/02/2018 Plastic film mulch increased winter wheat grain yield but reduced its protein content in dryland of northwest China
18/02/2018 Effects of rainwater harvesting planting combined with deficiency irrigation on soil water use efficiency and winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) yield in a semiarid area
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