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Fecha Título
13/12/2017 Changes of the shelf life of candelilla wax/tarbush bioactive based-nanocoated apples at industrial level conditions
13/12/2017 Nutrition Knowledge, Attitudes, and Fruit and Vegetable Intake as Predictors of Head Start Teachers' Classroom Mealtime Behaviors
13/12/2017 High-throughput Extraction Method for Phenolic Compounds in Olive Fruit (Olea Europaea)
13/12/2017 Characterization of leaf cuticular wax classes and constituents in a spring Camelina sativa diversity panel
13/12/2017 Analysis of phytochemical and morphological variability in different wild-and agro-ecotypic populations of Melissa officinalis L. growing in northern habitats of Iran
13/12/2017 Disentangling pectic homogalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan-I polysaccharides: Evidence for sub-populations in fruit parenchyma systems
13/12/2017 Description of furrow shaping created by single standard tines
13/12/2017 Synthesis of aroma compounds of virgin olive oil: Significance of the cleavage of polyunsaturated fatty acid hydroperoxides during the oil extraction process
13/12/2017 Automated early yield prediction in vineyards from on-the-go image acquisition
13/12/2017 Droplet impingement behavior analysis on the leaf surface of Shu-ChaZao under different pesticide formulations
13/12/2017 Multi-vehicle refill scheduling with queueing
13/12/2017 Predictive model based on artificial neural network for assessing beef cattle thermal stress using weather and physiological variables
13/12/2017 Development of an electro-mechanic control system for seed-metering unit of single seed corn planters Part I: Design and laboratory simulation
13/12/2017 A novel approach for vegetation classification using UAV-based hyperspectral imaging
13/12/2017 Development of an early warning algorithm to detect sick broilers
13/12/2017 Simulation-based modeling of wild blueberry pollination
13/12/2017 Assessing the potential of data-driven models for estimation of long-term monthly temperatures
13/12/2017 AgroPortal: A vocabulary and ontology repository for agronomy
13/12/2017 Application of artificial intelligence models for the prediction of standardized precipitation evapotranspiration index (SPEI) at Langat River Basin, Malaysia
13/12/2017 Using ground-based spectral reflectance sensors and photography to estimate shoot N concentration and dry matter of potato
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