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Fecha Título
19/02/2018 The effect of olive fruit maturation in Spanish style fermentation with a controlled temperature
19/02/2018 Drought stress in sunflower: Physiological effects and its management through breeding and agronomic alternatives
19/02/2018 Best management irrigation practices assessed by a GIS-based decision tool for reducing salinization risks in olive orchards
19/02/2018 Simulating weather effects on potato yield, nitrate leaching, and profit margin in the US Pacific Northwest
18/02/2018 Sulphur application increases seed yield and oil content in sesame seeds under rainfed conditions
18/02/2018 Economical thermal-RGB imaging system for monitoring agricultural crops
17/02/2018 Effects of copper sulphate (CuSO4) elicitation on the chemical constitution of volatile compounds and the in vitro development of Basil
17/02/2018 Fruit, mesocarp, and endocarp responses to crop load and to different estimates of source: sink ratio in olive (cv. Arauco) at final harvest
17/02/2018 Harvest time impacts the fatty acid compositions, phenolic compounds and sensory attributes of Frantoio and Manzanilla olive oil
17/02/2018 Salicylic acid and calcium pretreatments alleviate the toxic effect of salinity in the Oueslati olive variety
17/02/2018 Post-harvest UV-B radiation modulates metabolite profile in peach fruit
17/02/2018 In vitro and in vivo effectiveness of phenolic compounds for the control of postharvest gray mold of table grapes
17/02/2018 Corrigendum to ?An olive polyphenol-based nutraceutical improves cutaneous manifestations of psoriasis in humans' PharmaNutrition 4 (2016) 151?153
17/02/2018 A two-tier modified starch-oxidation followed by n-octenyl succinylation as gum Arabic substitute: Process details and characterization
17/02/2018 Production, milk and plasma fatty acid profile, and nutrient utilization in Jersey cows fed flaxseed oil and corn grain with different particle size
17/02/2018 Characterisation of the Turkish and Slovenian extra virgin olive oils by chemometric analysis of the presaturation 1H NMR spectra
17/02/2018 Characterization of olive pomace extract obtained by cyclodextrin-enhanced pulsed ultrasound assisted extraction
17/02/2018 Microencapsulation of fish oil using thiol-modified ?-lactoglobulin fibrils/chitosan complex: A study on the storage stability and in vitro release
17/02/2018 Examination of marine and vegetable oil oxidation data from a multi-year, third-party database
17/02/2018 Formulation, characterisation and antibacterial activity of lemon myrtle and anise myrtle essential oil in water nanoemulsion
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