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17/06/2018 Exploring farmers' intentions to adopt mobile Short Message Service (SMS) for citizen science in agriculture
17/06/2018 Acoustic tomography based on hybrid wave propagation model for tree decay detection
17/06/2018 On air temperature distribution and ISO 7726-defined heterogeneity inside a typical greenhouse in Almería
17/06/2018 Machine learning algorithms to predict core, skin, and hair-coat temperatures of piglets
16/06/2018 Role of NADPH oxidase pathway in renal protection induced by procyanidin B2: In L-NAME induced rat hypertension model
16/06/2018 Development of an orange-flavoured functional beverage formulated with beta-glucan and coenzyme Q10-impregnated beta-glucan
16/06/2018 Novel insight into the molecular interaction of catalase and sucrose: A combination of in silico and in planta assays study
16/06/2018 E-commerce in agriculture ? The case of crop protection product purchases in a discrete choice experiment
16/06/2018 A pattern recognition strategy for visual grape bunch detection in vineyards
16/06/2018 Diagnosis of nitrogen status in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) using in-situ hyperspectral data and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) multispectral images
16/06/2018 Solar energy radiation measurement with a low?power solar energy harvester
16/06/2018 Visual positioning technology of picking robots for dynamic litchi clusters with disturbance
16/06/2018 Image dehazing based on dark channel prior and brightness enhancement for agricultural remote sensing images from consumer-grade cameras
16/06/2018 Fuel consumption and exhaust emissions during on-field tractor activity: A possible improving strategy for the environmental load of agricultural mechanisation
16/06/2018 Model predictive control and its application in agriculture: A review
16/06/2018 Review on the recent progress of non-destructive detection technology for internal quality of watermelon
15/06/2018 Phytochemical analysis by HPLC-PDA/ESI-MS of Globularia alypum aqueous extract and mechanism of its protective effect on experimental colitis induced by acetic acid in rat
15/06/2018 An in-vitro upper gut simulator for assessing continuous gas production: A proof-of-concept using milk digestion
15/06/2018 Biochemical requirements of bioactive peptides for nutraceutical efficacy
15/06/2018 Meroterpenoid-rich fraction of an ethanolic extract from Sargassum serratifolium alleviates obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in high fat-fed C57BL/6J mice
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