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10/12/2017 Development of a new temperature-controlled liquid phase microextraction using deep eutectic solvent for extraction and preconcentration of diazinon, metalaxyl, bromopropylate, oxadiazon, and fenazaquin pesticides from fruit juice and vegetable samples followed by gas chromatography-flame ionization detection
30/11/2017 Enhancing the carotenoid content of tomato fruit with pulsed electric field treatments: Effects on respiratory activity and quality attributes
16/11/2017 Prediction of lycopene and ?-carotene in tomatoes by portable chroma-meter and VIS/NIR spectra
12/11/2017 Thymol nanoemulsions incorporated in quinoa protein/chitosan edible films; antifungal effect in cherry tomatoes
11/11/2017 Nitrate reductase-dependent NO production is involved in H2S-induced nitrate stress tolerance in tomato via activation of antioxidant enzymes
10/11/2017 Shades of red: Comparative study on supercritical CO2 extraction of lycopene-rich oleoresins from gac, tomato and watermelon fruits and effect of the ?-cyclodextrin clathrated extracts on cultured lung adenocarcinoma cells' viability
09/11/2017 Controlled drought stress affects the chilling-hardening capacity of tomato seedlings as indicated by changes in phenol metabolisms, antioxidant enzymes activity, osmolytes concentration and abscisic acid accumulation
07/11/2017 Genome-wide expression analysis at three fruit ripening stages for tomato genotypes differing in fruit shelf life
07/11/2017 Identification of circular RNAs and their targets during tomato fruit ripening
28/10/2017 Hyperbaric pressure at room temperature increases post-harvest preservation of the tomato cultivar ?Débora'
27/10/2017 Fruit color and post-harvest shelf life in tomato affected by the ogc, nor A, and rin alleles
25/10/2017 Agro-industrial wastewater reuse for irrigation of a vegetable crop succession under Mediterranean conditions
24/10/2017 Lycopene relieves AFB1-induced liver injury through enhancing hepatic antioxidation and detoxification potential with Nrf2 activation
23/10/2017 Targeted secondary metabolic and physico-chemical traits analysis to assess genetic variability within a germplasm collection of "long storage" tomatoes
21/10/2017 Electronic tongue discrimination of four tomato cultivars harvested at six maturities and exposed to blanching and refrigeration treatments
20/10/2017 Comparisons of three modifications on structural, rheological and functional properties of soluble dietary fibers from tomato peels
19/10/2017 Influence of El Niño-Southern oscillation (ENSO) on agroclimatic zoning for tomato in Mozambique
11/10/2017 Supplementation of lycopene attenuates oxidative stress induced neuroinflammation and cognitive impairment via Nrf2/NF-?B transcriptional pathway
10/10/2017 Producing a lycopene nanodispersion: Formulation development and the effects of high pressure homogenization
08/10/2017 Seeds of pomegranate, tomato and grapes: An underestimated source of natural bioactive molecules and antioxidants from agri-food by-products
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